Medical Disposable Face Mask

Medical Disposable Face Mask (with CE certificate and FDA) 

Protection Gear USA is a good source for medical face masks and surgical face masks. It is our goal to provide you and your staff with the highest quality of personal protection products and service solutions.

We carry a large variety of face mask products. These should be worn both by healthcare workers and patients when necessary. When wearing our products properly, they will guard large splashes, droplets or sprays against entering the nasal and oral regions.

Product Properties:

Protection Blocks 95.99% of bacteria, viruses, dust, chemicals,

particles, pollen & smoke.

Comfortable Cup shape & nose cushion

Customizable Adjustable nose clip

Material Breathable, soft cotton mesh

Closure Earloop, elastic twin straps

Certificate # IFA 1601106

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✓ These sanitary and high-quality masks are a crucial item for disease control, providing safety and comfort to those that are at risk

to expose to airborne pathogens, particulate matter, bodily fluids, dust, mist, non-toxic solid & liquid aerosols, & more.

✓ Meeting the European standard of manufacturing and testing, these masks are certified for recommended use in hospitals and other healthcare settings, iron and steel industry, mining, underground civil engineering, and so on.

✓ The convex shape, twin strap design, nose foam, and nose clip ensure comfortable wear over a range of face sizes.

✓ The expert design offers excellent breathability, the field of vision, and durability for extended use throughout a shift.

✓ Strict testing includes subjecting masks to temperature conditioning, particle filtering, mechanical strength conditioning,

filter penetration against paraffin oil/sodium chlorine, clogging test flow rate, inward leaking (during walking and turning the head movements and speaking), a meeting of maximum inhalation/exhalation resistance flow rate requirements and practical performance without complaints, & compatibility with the skin without irritation or other negative health effects.

✓ Not only do we maintain exceptionally high-quality production of our masks, but our packaging methods also protect them against contamination and mechanical damage, in accordance with certification standards.


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